NJSREC.com New Jersey SREC Market News Letter

We are socially distanced and are OPEN for BUSINESS in home offices and continue to help you monetize your SRECs transferred to us from the PJM-EIS GATs website. We hope you are all staying safe and healthy during these challenging times.

The current New Jersey SREC Market is closed to new generators and reasonably stable. The NJSREC.com New Jersey SREC Market News Letter is typically sent quarterly however we have some important updates, hence, we are composing this edition.

NJ SRECs: For clarification, if your solar system is registered in the SREC program, you will stay in the SREC program, through the assigned 10 or 15 year life assigned at the time of your NJ Clean Energy and utility interconnect approval. Your system will NOT switch to TRECs.

NJ SRECs EXPIRING: The NJ 2016 Energy Year (EY) SRECs will be expiring in two weeks on 11/30/2020. We will stop accepting them the morning of 11/30/2020 or earlier if we fill our contracts.

DIRECT DEPOSIT: You can now choose to have payment made by Direct ACH Deposit transfer to your account. Click this secure link to enter your information if you would like to use the Direct Deposit option (and have not already done so): https://ach.njsrec.com/

Note: When you submit your information, the secure link will acknowledge the information has been accepted. It is not necessary to ask us if we have received the information after entered. Also, once you have entered the information it is retained and there is no need to re-enter for future transactions.

NJSREC.com NO FEE PRICES: You will always find our current prices posted on www.NJSREC.com  We use the last date we made a price change as the “Effective Date” on the website. The prices you see posted are what you receive and NO FEE is charged on these SPOT Market transactions. You will typically get the best market prices if you transfer 2 or more SRECs. We encourage you to transfer at least 2 SRECs per total transfer. Larger amounts pay better. Single SREC transfers are costly for us to process and they pay less accordingly.

Note: The prices posted on our site are the prices for 1-24 NJ SRECs. For 25+ total quantity you should request a price which will most likely be higher. If the prices you enter are close, for example if you get an energy year price wrong we will correct it lower or higher. (The vast majority of our corrections are higher. If you attempt to bid a price higher or if you enter a very low price, we will reject your transfer. Use this method to get our BEST PRICE for your SRECs.

MULTI ENERGY YEAR PRICING: NJSREC.com allows you to receive the highest price based on the total quantity of SRECs you are transferring even if they are from two or more Energy Years.  So for example, if you are transferring 4 SRECs from the 2020 EY and 7 SRECs from the 2021 Energy year, you are transferring 11 total SRECs and therefore can use the 11-24 price bracket for both Energy Years.

TRANSFER DIRECTIONS: Transfer instructions are found at the www.NJSREC.com website at the “ HOW TO TRANSFER ” tab towards the top center of the website landing page. You may also Click the following link as a shortcut: http://njsrec.com/node/2  We are happy to help first time users learn the transfer process however we request you use these easy instructions to transfer SRECs to us for future transactions.

LOGIN: You DO NOT log in to NJSREC.com currently to transfer your SRECs to us. Transfers are done at the PJM-EIS GATs system. Please use the following link to access GATs and transfer your SRECs to us: www.PJM-EIS.com

CONTACTING US: When contacting us please use the convenient, “ CONTACT US ” tab at the top right of our website landing page or email us at: Support@NJSREC.com  We do not accept texts and prefer emails to calls as many questions require us to access information or to compute pricing.

TRECs: We are NOT currently involved in the NJ TREC program which started this past April for new NJ Solar Systems. The program is based on a fixed price “TREC” with different prices for different system types. NJ Certification numbers for TRECs have a different format than SRECs. We will notify you if that changes. We do not provide TREC information. Contact NJ Clean Energy at 866-657-6278 or www.njcleanenergy.com for TREC information.

NJ Class1 RECs: When your system has completed its NJ SREC qualification life, it will be eligible for NJ Class1 RECs. We will work with the Class1 Rec market from our sister site starting later in the first half of next year and will notify you when we do. NJ Class1 RECs are only valued at a few dollars each and the way we buy them will address this very different market.

Our goal remains to update current New Jersey SREC market information so you may make an informed decision in selling your NJ SRECs. We provide a Marketplace for New Jersey SRECs and a platform on which to monetize them.

GATs is currently minting SRECs 5 to 7 business days after generation is entered. You will not be able to transfer SRECs to us as soon as you enter generation. You must wait the 5 to 7 business days. When the SRECs are listed in CEPs in your Account Summary module on GATs, you have SRECs to sell. You can’t sell “unprocessed generation”. ALWAYs use “MONTH OF GENERATION”, NOT “MONTH OF CREATION” to determine the vintage of your SRECs.

The following chart indicates which “month of generation” belongs to each energy year (EY). Energy Years (EY) in New Jersey always run June through May.

Energy Year

Months of Generation Each Energy Year

Quantity per Year

  NJ 2016 Energy Year (EY) SREC(s)

  SREC(s) generated 06/2015 to 05/2016

  NJ 2017 Energy Year (EY) SREC(s)

  SREC(s) generated 06/2016 to 05/2017

  NJ 2018 Energy Year (EY) SREC(s)

  SREC(s) generated 06/2017 to 05/2018

  NJ 2019 Energy Year (EY) SREC(s)

  SREC(s) generated 06/2018 to 05/2019

  NJ 2020 Energy Year (EY) SREC(s)

  SREC(s) generated 06/2019 to 05/2020

  NJ 2021 Energy Year (EY) SREC(s)

  SREC(s) generated 06/2020 to 05/2021

Total SRECs

Current Eligible SREC Energy Years (EY) also known as reporting years

  • There are currently 6 eligible New Jersey Energy Years
  • 2021 EY is the current Energy Year (EY). With generation entered, 09/2020 SRECs and 10/2020 SRECs will be minted during the months of October & November, 2020.

Energy Year:

NJ 2021 EY

NJ 2020 EY

NJ 2019 EY

NJ 2018 EY

NJ 2017 EY

NJ 2016 EY

SREC Generation Dates:

06-2020 to


06-2019 to


06-2018 to


06-2017 to


06-2016 to


06-2015 to


  • Note: To view full eligibility for each Energy Year (EY), go to www.NJSREC.com and click on each EY grid.
  • Important: You must use "Month of Generation" to determine the vintage of your SRECs.
  • NJ 2016 EY SRECs are expiring 11/30/2020

NJ SREC Market price movement during the 2020-2021 trading months 9/24/2020 to 11/13/2020

  • The price of New Jersey 2021 EY SRECs moved a bit during the period but is currently the same.
  • The price of New Jersey 2020 EY SRECs is $2.00 lower.
  • The price of New Jersey 2019 EY SRECs is $2.00 lower.
  • The price of New Jersey 2018 EY SRECs is $1.00 higher.
  • The price of New Jersey 2017 EY SRECs is $3.00 lower
  • The expiring New Jersey 2016 EY SRECs decreased by $37.00
  • We will no longer be reporting New Jersey Clean Energy reports as there are few adjustments to the NJ SREC program now. The NJ SREC program is closed to new projects.
  • During the past few months, trading has been Strong for the NJ 2021 and NJ 2020 (EY), moderate for the NJ 2019 (EY), slow for the 2018 (EY) Energy year and light for the NJ 2017 (EY) Energy Year. Trading for the 2016 (EY) Energy Year is very light.

NJ SREC Market food for thought, statistics and market stake holder thoughts.

Note: These are generally recognized market opinions and not necessarily the opinions of www.NJSREC.com.

Trading Price Statistics,  NJ Energy Year (EY) Spectrum 9/24/2020 to 11/13/2020 (50 DAY CHANGES)

Current 2021 EY Price

Current 2016 EY Price

Current 2017 EY Price

Current 2018 EY Price

Current 2019 EY Price

Current 2020 EY Price

Future 2022 EY Price

Future 2023 EY Price

Spot Price









Delta (change) Future 2018 EY

Delta (change) Future 2019 EY

Delta (change) Future 2018 EY

Delta (change) Future 2021 EY

Delta (change) Future 2021 EY

Delta (change) Future 2021 EY

Delta (change) Future 2021 EY

Change over past 30 days









Note: The reported prices above are numbers as of 11/13/2020. DO NOT USE THESE PRICES WHEN INPUTING YOUR SELL PRICE TO GATS as these prices will change during the month.

Note: This chart is based on a spot price for 2-3 NJ SRECs with NO FEEs or Commissions charged for current eligible SRECs Compliant and for 500-1,000 lot quantities on FUTURE NJ 2022 EY through NJ 2023 EY SRECs.